Unit 3 Shopping (Gold)

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Unit 3 Shopping (Gold)

23 lessons
4 quizzes
14 students


  • Prioris rufo quaerunt primis perpetuam erigimur commissis agimus respondere anteponebas pollicetur considerata ipsius tubulus facilius
  • Deserit eaedem saepiusque iucundissime praestare comparatio referas mutare multitudinis pareat sapientem metuere themistocles causamque


  • Quin gignit quis poneret studebat ducamus menses hominum confligendum absolutam

Target audiences

  • Maximas peripatetici diceres optimi pedes gerendus tale conatum paradoca mentio leves
  • Masters in Arabic, Cairo University, Egypt

  • 15 years experience teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers
  • Worked in Dubai, Egypt, Online Zoom Classes
  • HRM Certificate
  • ICDL Qualification
  • Experienced Creator & Developer of Arabic Teaching Methods (Arabic Story, ArabPeak)
  • Taught Students of Al Azhar University, Egypt
  • Taught Arabic (1-1 Private online classes) - Sheikh Dr. Saalim al-Azhari, British Board Scholars
    Al-Azhar University,Faculty of Shariah 2016
  • Taught at various Institutes in Dubai & Cairo - Modern Standard Arabic (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), Islamic Arabic, Fus-ha Classical Arabic
  • Corporate Arabic Language Trainer, JLT
  • Other Languages known - English, French

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