About The Teacher

Eid Saalim
About The Arabic Teacher

Hello, I’m Eid Saalim. My course helps to Learn Conversational Arabic .

With more than 15 years of experience of teaching both children and adults, my methods of teaching Spoken Arabic utilize a variety of interactive and effective learning tools that make learning Arabic fun and exciting.


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Years of Experience

Teaching Arabic to Non-native Speakers

About my Methodology

At the beginning of my teaching career, I spent a lot of time researching and looking for the best way to learn a new language, especially ARABIC! I have developed ArabPeak carefully and with a lot of thought behind how I believe languages should be acquired & taught.

Languages should be learnt through your: 
  • Eyes First (Visual Learning)
  • Ears Second (Auditory Learning)
  • Limbs Third (Kinesthetic Learning)

Video Lessons
by Zoom

Why are 'Foreign Languages' forgotten easily ?

- Eid Saalim

Is Arabic difficult to learn?

To begin, I would like to mention that learning languages is one of the most coveted things for many people, just as it represents the most beautiful of challenges for everyone else. However, what cannot be doubted is that everyone suffers at the beginning of learning any language, especially Arabic.
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What our students say
about courses

Mr. Eid’s classes are very interactive and interesting. He encourages the students to start having conversations and allows them to make mistakes..

Priyanka, India

As salaam alaikum rahmatullahi wa barakathuhu I am Umm Iman It's been only few months with Ustadh Eid Saalim for learning Arabic.

Umm Iman

I highly recommend Teacher Eid Saalim's program for spoken Arabic. It is a unique program that is well structured, clear and easy.

Sajida Naufal, Residing in the UAE

شكرا جزيلا يا أستاذ For being so interactive with us that the concepts that seem to difficult learning arabic language begin without Arabic.

Nazma Akter, Quran Teacher Belgium

Ustadh Eid Saalim's ARABPEAK program is, in my personal experience, by far the best and most practical course to learn Conversational Arabic,.

Umm Aadam, UK

Feedback: Mr. Eid is a brilliant teacher and we thoroughly enjoy his lessons. He makes it very interactive and is very patient.

Sanjana, India

Mr. Eid is an amazing tutor! He has a unique way of breaking things down so they are understandable, keeping it fun.

Sandhya, India

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My Skills

I am an Experienced Arabic Teacher with a Masters in Arabic.

  • Masters in Arabic, Cairo University, Egypt

  • 15 years experience teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers
  • Worked in Dubai, Egypt, Online Zoom Classes
  • HRM Certificate
  • ICDL Qualification
  • Experienced Creator & Developer of Arabic Teaching Methods (Arabic Story, ArabPeak)
  • Taught Students of Al Azhar University, Egypt
  • Taught Arabic (1-1 Private online classes) - Sheikh Dr. Saalim al-Azhari, British Board Scholars
    Al-Azhar University,Faculty of Shariah 2016
  • Taught at various Institutes in Dubai & Cairo - Modern Standard Arabic (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), Islamic Arabic, Fus-ha Classical Arabic
  • Corporate Arabic Language Trainer, JLT
  • Other Languages known - English, French

Free Trial Class - ZOOM Online

Send in a request for a Trial Class with Instructor Eid Saalim and we will get back to you to schedule one soon, in shaa Allah!